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The London venue used investment to set up a digital content subsidiary and produce a pilot run of digital comedy content. The Iris Ceramica Group Historical Museum promotes the conservation and enhancement of documents, iconographic materials, products, and machinery, in order to transmit a living testimony of the history of Made in Italy and of its protagonists.

The value of arts and culture to people and society outlines the existing evidence on the impact of arts and culture on our economy, health and wellbeing, society and education. However, we also understand that arts and culture has a wider, more measurable impact on our economy, health and wellbeing, society and education. We’re a founding member of the National Academy for Social Prescribing. An independent charity that will lead the development of social prescribing across England to help arts and culture play an important role in community healthcare. From events to festivals and commissions to fellowships, there’s a whole host of exciting work happening across our campuses. It’s my job to playfully communicate these innovative and inspired stories of creative discovery to our many audiences, using an engaging mixture of social media, digital marketing, new media and PR.

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However, he is best known today for his numerous large genre scenes based on proverbs in the manner of his contemporary Jan Brueghel the Elder, depicting The King Drinks and As the Old Sing, So Pipe the Young. Join this summer programme of learning to find out how you can help improve the support for and position of individuals working in creativity and culture. I look after the University’s fine art collection, organise art exhibitions, events and activities. I also liaise with artists, conservators and academics as well as other professional staff around the University to help achieve the objectives of the Arts and Culture Strategy. Lead creative projects with artists, staff, students and partners to create new artwork and share it with the public. Different world cultures have always been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout history.

  • We are fascinated by the creative process and better understanding how it works.
  • As well as being a successful painter, he was a prominent designer of tapestries.
  • We do this by making introductions between staff and creative practitioners, participating in joint projects, and listening to/advocating for both.
  • We invest public money from government and the National Lottery to make sure everyone’s creativity is given the chance to flourish and we all have access to a remarkable range of high quality cultural experiences.
  • Europe’s tallest skyscraper offers views of London’s seemingly endless urban sprawl.
  • Imagine if you walked into an elevator and the leader of your local council is stood there – what would you say?

There is so much amazing creative activity happening here and I want to share it as far and wide as possible. We support arts and cultural organisations that benefit the lives of individuals, communities and society through their work and use our investments to help organisations to become more sustainable and resilient. Offer guidance around arts and culture, and signposting people to what or who they need.

National Museum Of Science And Technology

We invest public money from Government and The National Lottery to help support the sector and to deliver this vision. Spend a day in Manchester and it rapidly becomes apparent just how much the city has reinvented its industrial past into a new, trendsetting present – and an ambitious future. Of course Manchester is synonomous with football and you’ll find world-class collections at the National Football Museum. Thriving Communities is a new national support programme for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups, supporting communities impacted by COVID-19 in England, working alongside social prescribing link workers.

Down on the waterfront at Albert Dock is Tate Liverpool, the home of contemporary art in the North, staging major international exhibitions throughout the year. The Empire State Building is steeped in history, but it’s no longer New York’s tallest skyscraper! That honor now rests with One World Trade, from the top of which you can look out over the Hudson to see the whole of Brooklyn and beyond. We want to improve our support for individual creative and cultural practitioners, especially at the start of their career, so we can safeguard the future of our industry.

It’s a varied and exciting role, and I can find myself working on everything from event logistics and evaluation to finance to collection care. A key part of my job is to stay on top of what everyone is doing and keep an eye out for any support needed. We are firm believers that great ideas come from playing with possibilities. Creativity is driven by a sense of possibility; it is the process of using imagination and critical thinking to generate new ideas that have value. Created by local artist, Paul Curtis the huge artwork allows people to transform themselves into an iconic Liver Bird.

I’m here to help tell the story of these projects, spreading the word about a variety of inspiring events, research, commissions, collaborations and more. Using skills and knowledge learned from my background in arts marketing, my responsibilities include managing our website, social media, PR and other channels that allow us to raise awareness of the creativity happening around us. Making and experiencing arts and culture transforms quality of life for individuals and communities. Take a look at the work we’re doing to support health and wellbeing and help us to spread the word about how art can make us feel better.

We believe that a greater understanding of creativity will help people tap into their own creative potential and expand their sense of what is possible. Programme events that bring the work of creative practitioners to new audiences. The Commission’s aim is to review and improve diversity across our public realm.

I’m also responsible for raising our profile both internally at the University, and externally to the local community and further afield. We’ve pulled together the facts that show the value of art and culture to individuals, communities and society as a whole. From the economy and environment to health and wellbeing, use our elevator pitch and statistics to tell the story that says art and culture matters.