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Create multi-media experiences that transform individuals and society. School of Communication ZELP 1.6 billion cattle, each one exhaling 400 litres of methane per day, is one of the single leading causes of global warming. In April 2022, ZELP was announced as one of four winners of the Terra Carta Design Lab. School of Communication Race for the Arctic A docu-game set across the next 50 years of environmental, geopolitical, and social conflict in the Arctic.

As one of the founding departments in the field in the UK, over twenty five years ago, its staff has included many seminal figures in Communication, Culture and Media Studies . We welcome and support students with a wide range of disabilities and health concerns. This includes learning difficulties, visual and hearing impairments, mental health difficulties, autism spectrum conditions, mobility difficulties, and temporary or chronic health conditions.

Master In Arts In Communication, Culture And Media

The Department has close links to cultural industries and venues in the city, some of which collaborate with us in offering assessed work placements as part of our programme of study. You will become part of a community of active researchers and will be encouraged to pursue your own research interests in collaboration with an academic supervisor. You’ll collaborate with students on other courses and create your work using industry-grade facilities, from radio studios, broadcast newsrooms, video and photography studios to high-spec digital media suites.

  • Older children are able to express themselves in the way they use materials for art and design.
  • For example, babies are aware in their first few days of a screen in the room at home.
  • It combines theoretical and practical elements with a flexible structure and diverse specialist option choices that students may tailor to their own needs.
  • Our students benefit from the division’s links with businesses, professional practitioners, as well as Edinburgh’s unique artistic and cultural organisations, festivals, and events.

Students are expected to read widely, contribute actively to discussions, and devise study topics for themselves in negotiation with tutors. Specialise in an area of academic enquiry that interests you or develop your own area of practice through research. We explore how communication practices can help better understand and positively change the terms and narratives of contemporary communication. Embracing cooperation, developing networks and working with communities, the School’s ethical position fosters effective engagement by critical citizens with the seen and unseen in human/non-human experience in a changing world. Alternatively, you can continue using your current browser by closing this message.

Year 1 Core Modules

Whatever your ambition, we will give you the skills to source great stories and tell them your way. Arts And Communication Design at the University of Reading brings together three departments with strong reputations for innovation in combining practice, theory and history in our research, teaching, and enterprise. Our critical pedagogy embraces social, environmental and epistemological justice. It is built on world-class expertise, for students wanting to engage with established and emergent technologies and practices in multidisciplinary communication.

These children will benefit from inclusivity, working as a team and engaging. Offer isolated body movement ideas, such as arm movements or leg movements, and partner, work, building to larger groups. If children cannot respond through verbal communication, encourage them to respond through vibrations and rhythm through movement. Pick one song from the list and ask them to switch on their ‘listening ears’. Share with the children anything you have noticed about how they have responded to it while it has been played.