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Central to everything we do is a vision of ‘Engaged Arts’ in which research-based knowledge and expertise is brought to bear on contemporary cultural, political and business life. By the end of the year I’d worked out where I really wanted to be – working for a contemporary art gallery, nurturing and promoting artists. Which is exactly where I am, thanks to the opportunities that opened up to me while I was researching my dissertation.

  • Sarah has extensive experience in business operations, account management and executive support having worked for 17 years for a bank and for 10 years in a commercial office supplies company where she was Operations Manager.
  • For undergraduate degrees, universities can ask for A Level grades or UCAS points.
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  • Compulsory modules help students to build their academic competence by exploring underpinning theories while developing practical and transferable skills.
  • Through artistic or entrepreneurial experimentation, those ideas address some niche in the market identified by human requirement.

You might not be conscious to its influence in business, but it is always there, irreversibly assimilated. In it, the cool kids of architecture celebrated the neon brashness and space-age wonder of the ever-evolving Las Vegas Strip, its unabashed mainlining of visual overload a fun-filled retort to the clean lines of modern architecture. To this day, brands looking to convey the magic of Vegas look to this brazen aesthetic. From Silicon Valley offices to Warhol’s posthumous dominance, business and art’s long relationship is stronger than ever… If your’re looking for support but aren’t sure where to start contact our Services for Business team.

RICS student status is exclusively for those working towards a professional career in surveying. Kingston School of Art at Knights Park is our art, design and architecture campus and is situated on the Hogsmill River, with its restaurant and bar opening on to the waterside. Where a course has additional expenses, we make every effort to highlight them.

Les Hameaux Des Davids Brings A Respectful Splash Of Contemporary Design And Modern Comfort To A Historic 100

The University is committed to providing our students with a high quality educational experience. When an issue arises, the University believes in achieving an effective and efficient resolution. However, where this is not possible, there are a number of procedures that you can use to raise your concern and, if necessary, make a formal academic appeal or raise a formal complaint.

We also did an extremely useful module in art law – I’m practising stuff now that I learnt in my art and copyright law lectures . It was a really comprehensive introduction to the dynamics of the art world but also gave you an insight into the variety of jobs out there. When I applied for the Art Market and Appraisal MA at Kingston, I was working full time so approached my employer for sponsorship.

Whether it’s emerging talent or big-name artists such as Shantell Martin, Felipe Pantone, or Barry McGee, Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters could double as an art gallery straight out of any of the world’s most important creative capitals. (One street artist even lucked out to the tune of $200 million having accepted shares in the fledgling social network over a cash payment.) And it’s about more than just style. Our Investment Programme helps fund Arts And Business organisations, to bring creative projects to life. In what is here termed “a machinic research framework” – accounting for composition and movement on all scales – the book shows how making connections is a discursive and material practice with expectations and imaginaries playing a central role. The Art Business MA degree course supports students to engage with the industry through internships or work placements and help students to engage with professionals in their area of interest. Successfully completing an RICS-accredited course is the first step to becoming a Chartered Surveyor.

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The History of the Art Market focuses your understanding of past and present art business practices and changes to the art market over the past 400 years. Object Analysis & Appraisal asks what an object is and which values it contains, also incorporating questions of cultural heritage and globalisation. It focuses on art valuation and appraisal through lively workshops and seminar sessions with both teaching staff, art market professionals as well as examination of study collections. A number of initiatives developed by Creative Scene have involved the team working locally with businesses to create arts activites and events that fit into the concept of making art a part of everyday life. Examples include the ON TOUR programme, which sees pubs and social centres acting as hosts for theatre shows, as well as the [email protected] activity where local businesses host an artist in their organisation to work with staff and customers.

Initially I found the presentation side daunting, but it’s amazing how quickly you adjust and start to flourish. There was a wide range of students from different backgrounds on the course, which brought a depth of experience to the classes. The facilities at Kingston were excellent, with tutors available to give as much or as little help as needed or wanted. The Art Business MA is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for entry as a probationer practitioner. It is the only RICS-accredited course for antiques and fine art and you can join RICS as a student member when you enrol.

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Independent learning skills will be developed throughout the module, through directed reading and study visits. Adam joined Arts & Business NI in March 2020, with 6 years of experience in the Arts and Voluntary & Community sectors. While doing an undergraduate degree in Music in Trinity College Dublin, Adam worked in Events and Public Relations for Irish arts organisations. He continued his studies at Queen’s University Belfast, completing an MRes in Music Composition, focusing on genre fluidity and hybridised musical styles in composition and their suitability to arts organisations in the north and south of Ireland. He works with the Head of Arts to plan A&B NI’s Arts Membership programme, member communications and support, and the implementation of the investment programme.