Cultural Arts in Indonesia, from Dance to Handicrafts

Cultural Arts in Indonesia, from Dance to Handicrafts

Indonesia has a diverse culture in each region. Indonesian arts and culture differ greatly depending on the region.

Art and culture themselves are all things created by humans related to the way of life and developed in groups. Cultural arts have elements of beauty that are passed down from one generation to the next.

The word art in Indonesian has a meaning that is not simple, pleasing to the eye in terms of terminology and etymology. Meanwhile, culture comes from the Sanskrit language, namely “buddayah” which means something related to the human mind and reason.

Cultural arts have two functions in social life. The first is a practical function related to meeting the needs of the community, such as making chairs intended for seating. The second is the aesthetic function related to the beauty of a form of craft such as painting, sculpture, and others.

In Indonesia, cultural arts also have an additional function, namely as a tool for religious rituals. Batik is a world-famous art and craft and recognized by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages, that’s why Indonesia is famous internationally because Batik comes from Indonesia. Likewise with angklung, wayang kulit, reog ponorogo, and keris.
The diversity of arts and culture in Indonesia consists of dance, visual arts, music, theater, and crafts. Each of these cultural varieties has its own characteristics and is the pride of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.


The dance’s rhythmic movement performed at a certain place and time. This art intends to express feelings and convey messages from a person or group.

The art of dance consists of the main elements and supporting elements. The main elements are wiraga (body), wirama (rhythm), and wirasa (taste). While the supporting elements are movement, a variety of accompaniments, makeup and costumes, and floor/blocking patterns.

Visual Art

Visual art is a genre of art that creates works of art utilizing visible and sensory media. Fine art serves two purposes: pure art and applied art.
Pure art is based on the expression of the soul such as sculpture, painting, and photography. Meanwhile, applied art has a specific purpose and function, such as craft art.

Music Art

Musical art is a type of art that employs melody, rhythm, pace, harmony, and other instruments. Music plays a role as a means of expressing the feelings of its creator, which can change over time. Classical, traditional, and modern music are types of art music

Theater Arts

Theater arts are performing arts performed on stage. Stories in theater can tell history, everyday life, skits, or satire. Examples are ketoprak, wayang, slapstick, and acrobatics.

Craft Art

Craft art is an art craft that is made by hand and pays attention to various artistic and functional aspects. In making craft art, special skills are needed so that the results are beautiful and perfect. Examples of this craft are jewelry, wooden chairs, and others.