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This search for order, this desire for efficiency, this need to control and predict were then and are dominant values today. They are values that pervaded the industrial revolution and they are values that reside tacitly beneath current efforts at school reform. Despite prevailing doubts I intend to examine what a conception of practice rooted in the arts might contribute to the improvement of both the means and ends of education. What I want to do is to foreshadow the grounds for a view of education that differs in fundamental ways from the one that now prevails.

  • In describing some of the forms of thinking the arts occasion, of necessity I had to fragment what is a seamless, unified process.
  • Arts-based approaches may offer a route to re-engage older pupils in learning, though this does not always translate into better attainment.
  • And this is the point of my remarks about what education might learn from the arts.
  • Knowing and understanding of the arts help children to express themselves in different creative art forms in which they are comfortable in.
  • The lessons the arts teach are not only for our students, they are for us as well.

In this way, children are able to complete task with self-discipline. They practise how to complete a piece of work with patience. As the task assigned in an art lesson is usually engaging, whether it is to complete a drawing or learn a dance, the children would unknowingly establish a positive attitude towards completion of the task. The young learners also get the opportunity to practise social skills through co-operative learning.

Creative Ireland

Our field, the field of education, has predicated its practices on a platform of scientifically grounded knowledge, at least as an aspiration. The arts and artistry as sources of improved educational practice are considered, at best, a fall back position, a court of last resort, something you retreat to when there is no science to provide guidance. It is widely believed that no field seeking professional respectability can depend on such an undependable source. Especially for young kids, drawing, painting, and sculpting in art class help develop visual-spatial skills.

If for any reason, we are unable to deliver our classes in the Fresh Arts venue, we will be offering replacement classes delivered via an online platform such as Zoom where available. Our toilet policy has been modified to incorporate social distancing. We will be observing class sizes in line with social distancing. Registration will be taken in each group’s classroom, where students will remain throughout their Fresh Arts Theatre School session. To minimise risk, students will stay in their allocated class ‘bubbles’ during their time at Fresh Arts Theatre School.

Inspire Music

As well as music, Fresh Arts also provide drama lessons that are very engaging for the children. The admin provided is also very organised with excellent communication. We highly recommend Fresh Arts based on our experience so far. Fresh Arts Education is an expert PPA cover provider for primary schools.

The good teacher, like the good short order cook, has to pay attention to several operations simultaneously, and they do. In the school’s curriculum, children are also taught to learn appreciation of visual arts and musical instruments. Children will be given chance to discuss about their own art works such as describing the lines , colours and shapes used. Children will also be given opportunity to appreciate, learn and explore the different sounds made by the instruments.