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The site includes over 100 resources that are free to download. There are projects aimed at inspiring children’s creativity and articles on teaching and learning, as well as links to books on art education and a selection of research in the field. Gomersal Primary School pupils have half a day a week of specialist arts teaching.

Painting with watercolor makes certain visual qualities possible that cannot be created with oil paint. The artist’s task is to exploit the possibilities of the medium in order to realize aims he or she values. Each material imposes its own distinctive demands and to use it well we have to learn to think within it.

However, we do set out some questions for school leaders who want to increase their focus on the arts. Each of the eight schools featured in Arts-Rich Schools has a unique context and a different arts offer for its pupils. Both spoke publicly against Ofsted’s perceived stance that schools should not require children to start their GSCE courses a year early. Fresh Arts is one of the UKs premiere LAMDA specialists, we run LAMDA sessions in schools and privately and enter thousands of children for LAMDA examinations every year.

  • Not everything knowable can be articulated in propositional form.
  • The kinds of minds we develop are profoundly influenced by the opportunities to learn that the school provides.
  • Through practice and hard work, the children could perform certain body movements confidently.

There are many opportunities for praises and constructive feedback to individuals to support them in self-discovery. We have been delighted with the provision that Fresh Arts have given us this Year to cover our Music PPA. The teachers are enthusiastic and the children love the lessons that they have received. Fresh Arts provide planning linked to our topics in school and teach the children progressive skills in line with the National Curriculum requirements. They also run our choir each week and a very popular Musical Theatre club. They are very flexible and have helped with small performances to parents and carol services outside of the school day.

School Theatre & Workshops: Swansong

Teachers are the drivers for success implementation of a well-developed school-based curriculum. It is only beneficial if schools encourage teachers to attain subject mastery through professional development. But headline results always need to be understood in the context of existing practice on the ground. That’s why today’s report looks at the experiences of schools who are already offering their pupils an arts-rich experience across the curriculum.

Impact is similar for both primary and secondary school pupils. It is down to what information is included in the calculations. Our numbers include Design and Technology and Dance, which the DfE figures exclude. We also focus just on GCSE entries, the DfE included AS Levels in their numbers. Finally we use 2010 as a baseline, before the EBacc was announced, the DfE figures use 2011.

Our Approach To Change

The influence of psychology on education had another fall-out. Science was considered dependable, the artistic process was not. It was clear to many then as it is to many today which side of the coin mattered. As I said, one relied on art when there was no science to provide guidance.

Inspire Music

The kinds of thinking I have described, and it is only a sample, represents the kind of thinking I believe schools should promote. Artistry, in other words, can be fostered by how we design the environments we inhabit. The lessons the arts teach are not only for our students, they are for us as well. In the arts there is no substitutability among elements , in math there is.

If for any reason, we are unable to deliver our classes in the Fresh Arts venue, we will be offering replacement classes delivered via an online platform such as Zoom where available. Our toilet policy has been modified to incorporate social distancing. We will be observing class sizes in line with social distancing. Registration will be taken in each group’s classroom, where students will remain throughout their Fresh Arts Theatre School session. To minimise risk, students will stay in their allocated class ‘bubbles’ during their time at Fresh Arts Theatre School.

I am talking about a new vision of what education might become and what schools are for. The technically rationalized industrial culture I speak of did not begin with psychology; it began with the Enlightenment. The move by Galileo from attention to the qualitative to a focus on the quantification of relationships was, as Dewey points out, not merely a modification in method; it was a conceptual revolution. It represented a fundamental shift in the way the world was viewed and represented. We are excited and encouraged to see that research into the impact of arts education is being explored more widely and look forward to the outcome of the EEF and RSA’s research. Educators may guide children by introducing the drawing of different lines such as horizontal line, vertical line, wavy line and spiral line.