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This distinction is complicated by various hybrid forms such as sound poetry, concrete poetry and prose poem, and more generally by the fact that prose possesses rhythm. Abram Lipsky refers to it as an “open secret” that “prose is not distinguished from poetry by lack of rhythm”. There are few women poets writing in English, whose names are remembered, until the twentieth century. In the nineteenth century some names that stand out are Emily Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Emily Dickinson . But while generally women are absent from the European cannon of Romantic literature, there is one notable exception, the French novelist and memoirist Amantine Dupin (1804 – 1876) best known by her pen name George Sand.

  • Cage’s composition Living Room Music composed in 1940 is a “quartet” for unspecified instruments, really non-melodic objects, which can be found in a living room of a typical house, hence the title.
  • Murasaki Shikibu has sometimes been considered by obtuse critics as no more than a satire on the sexual promiscuity of the Heian court.
  • Plots often reflect real life situations and may be aimed at particular people known by the story’s audience.

The test in individual cases would seem to be one of enduring satisfaction and, of course, truth. Indeed, it becomes more and more difficult to categorize literature, for in modern civilization words are everywhere. Literature broadly is any collection of written work, but it is also used more narrowly for writings specifically considered to be an art form, especially prose fiction, drama, and poetry. In recent centuries, the definition has expanded to include oral literature, much of which has been transcribed. Literature is a method of recording, preserving, and transmitting knowledge and entertainment, and can also have a social, psychological, spiritual, or political role. Essentially, it is any creative expression in any number of mediums, including visual arts, painting, sculpture, film, music, and literature.

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Do you have a pile of books gathering dust that you told yourself you’d finally get around to this summer? Rather than making it another daunting task, get inspired to pick up a great work of literature by considering the stimulation some of the world’s greatest artists have found in them. The copyright law of the European Union is the copyright law applicable within the European Union. Copyright law is largely harmonized in the Union, although country to country differences exist. The body of law was implemented in the EU through a number of directives, which the member states need to enact into their national law. The main copyright directives are the Copyright Term Directive, the Information Society Directive and the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

From names of rivers to mountains and specific facts about this small country, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with these Wales quiz questions. Kentridge’s Ubu Tells the Truth is a short dramatic film that melds documentary footage of South African state police charging unarmed apartheid protesters together with photographs, moving puppets, and violent animated drawings. The film was originally created for the multi-media theater work Ubu and the Truth Commission , which was loosely modeled on and alludes to the proto-absurdist playUbu Roi by French playwright Alfred Jarry. It implicates everyone in the human rights abuses during the apartheid era, the institutions that enabled it, bystanders guilty through inaction, not even the viewer is spared from guilt.

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Music can be divided into genres and subgenres, although the dividing lines and relationships between music genres are often subtle, sometimes open to individual interpretation, and occasionally controversial. Within “the arts”, music may be classified as a performing art, a fine art, and auditory art. From famous kings and longest rivers, to unusual facts and famous people, these Great British quiz questions will test your knowledge of British geography, history, cities, landmarks, literature and more.

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There are lots of things we learned at school that seem to have evaporated from our brains since. DUBLING is an installation created from 4311 gerunds taken from James Joyce’s seminal modernist opusUlysses. It features 4311 bottles stopped by corks stamped with the verbs, as well as 4311 postcards printed with images of Dublin’s river Liffey. Tessler’s installation gestures simultaneously to the river that is so central to the novel, Joyce’s pioneering stream-of-consciousness style, and the incredible metonymic power of objects like an empty wine bottle. Dalí’s surrealist bent is a fitting match for illustrations to accompany Lewis Carroll’s equally hypnagogic Alice in Wonderland .

It was the lingua franca among literate Europeans until quite recent times, and the great works of Descartes (1596 – 1650), Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626), and Baruch Spinoza (1632 – 1677) were published in Latin. Among the last important books written primarily in Latin prose were the works of Swedenborg (d. 1772), Linnaeus (d. 1778), Euler (d. 1783), Gauss (d. 1855), and Isaac Newton (d. 1727). Eventually, printing enabled other forms of publishing besides books.

Cage’s composition Living Room Music composed in 1940 is a “quartet” for unspecified instruments, really non-melodic objects, which can be found in a living room of a typical house, hence the title. Ceramic art is art made from ceramic materials , which may take forms such as pottery, tile, figurines, sculpture, and tableware. While some ceramic products are considered fine art, some are considered to be decorative, industrial, or applied art objects. In a pottery or ceramic factory, a group of people design, manufacture, and decorate the pottery. Products from a pottery are sometimes referred to as “art pottery.” In a one-person pottery studio, ceramists or potters produce studio pottery.