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One of the more popular writers in Europe in her lifetime, being more renowned than both Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac in England in the 1830s and 1840s, Sand is recognised as one of the most notable writers of the European Romantic era. Jane Austen (1775 – 1817) is the first major English woman novelist, while Aphra Behn is an early female dramatist. In England in the late 1820s, growing political and social awareness, “particularly among the utilitarians and Benthamites, promoted the possibility of including courses in English literary study in the newly formed London University”. This further developed into the idea of the study of literature being “the ideal carrier for the propagation of the humanist cultural myth of a welleducated, culturally harmonious nation”. Around the 4th millennium BC, the complexity of trade and administration in Mesopotamia outgrew human memory, and writing became a more dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form.

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  • The earliest objects whose designations as musical instruments are widely accepted are eight bone flutes from the Swabian Jura, Germany; three of these from the Geissenklösterle are dated as the oldest, c.
  • From prehistoric cave paintings, to ancient and contemporary forms of ritual, to modern-day films, art has served to register, embody and preserve our ever shifting relationships to each other and to the world.
  • Art and literature are two concepts that can sometimes be confusing.
  • DUBLING is an installation created from 4311 gerunds taken from James Joyce’s seminal modernist opusUlysses.
  • Literary works have been connected to music at several points in history, including through jazz music in the Harlem Renaissance and through protest music during the Vietnam War.

Britannica is the ultimate student resource for key school subjects like history, government, literature, and more. In the field of building architecture, the skills demanded of an architect range from the more complex, such as for a hospital or a stadium, to the apparently simpler, such as planning residential houses. Many architectural works may be seen also as cultural and political symbols, or works of art. The role of the architect, though changing, has been central to the successful design and implementation of pleasingly built environments in which people live.

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In May 2011, the National Endowment of the Arts included video games in its redefinition of what is considered a “work of art” when applying for a grant. In 2012, the Smithsonian American Art Museum presented an exhibit, The Art of the Video Game. Reviews of the exhibit were mixed, including questioning whether video games belong in an art museum. Because Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest poet and play write of all time, it seems appropriate that more than one of my selected works be devoted to him.

China, the origin of modern paper making and woodblock printing, produced the world’s first print cultures. Much of Chinese literature originates with the Hundred Schools of Thought period that occurred during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (769‒269 BC). Ancient Chinese literature had a heavy emphasis on historiography, with often very detailed court records.

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Literature is also, in many cases, connected to other forms of art from the same time period. Art movements that impact painting and music, for instance, often also impact literature. Some artists create music or visual art in addition to written works, sometimes combining them to create multimedia works. Understanding how art and literature connect and how those connections enrich artistic expression and experience is a fundamental part of studying literature. Writers are influenced by other artists, just as painters and musicians can be inspired by literary works.

This, much like the previous painting, is a representation of all of the major characters of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Done on oil and canvas by an unknown artist, it shows how these characters can be imagined and seen on stage. Japan was a party to the original Berne convention in 1899, so its copyright law is in sync with most international regulations. The convention protected copyrighted works for 50 years after the author’s death . However, in 2004 Japan extended the copyright term to 70 years for cinematographic works.